Bükfürdő - recreation, relaxation and recovery at its finest

Bükfürdő is one of the most well-known spas in Europe and the second biggest health, wellness and adventure centre in Hungary. The 14 hectares spa complex provides a perfect opportunity for guest in every generation to relax and recharge in the luxurious sauna world, have fun in 32 thermal, entertainment and swimming pools that cover over 5,200 m2 of water surface or even to enjoy a ride on the outdoor slides.

The water temperature ranges between 32-38 °C in thermal pools and 26-28 °C  in outdoor swimming pools. Families are most welcome to visit with small children; the spa offers great kids focused pool facilities, modern playing areas and various slides that all bring unforgettable experiences to the little ones. As for the adults, they can unwind on sun lounges that are complimentary and available to use in the spacious relaxation lounges.

The spa also awaits guests who fancy doing some exercise during the day, there is plenty organised activities to choose from: beach volleyball, beach handball, foot tennis, badminton, beach football, table tennis etc.


Since the summer of 2011 the spa has completely new range of facilities at guest' disposal. Thanks to the new developments funded by the ‘New Hungary Development Plan ‘, indoor relaxing areas have been transformed to become more spacious and children now also benefit from a new paddling pool and the very popular indoor slide complex.

For the ‘sauna lovers' a brand new and beautiful sauna world with a capacity of 150 has been created including a tepidarium, steam bath, infra sauna, Finish sauna, aroma cabin, rest zone (accommodating 100 people) and a lovely sauna garden, a Kneipp pool and also a Jacuzzi.

As part of our regeneration plan, we have designed a contemporary restaurant offering healthy local cuisine in-house, that way our guests can have a bite or a drink within a short walk from the pool areas.

We take pride in our recent addition, the Medical Wellness Centre, which offers diverse and great number of treatments. From relaxing and exotic massages, through thermo spa treatments all the way to fitness level checkups, that are all implemented by excellent medical specialist to enhance guest's health and recreation.

Thanks to improvements, the spa has become even more guest friendly. You can easily decide which part of the spa you would like to visit upon your arrival at the new entrance as now you are able to use separate parts of the spa by purchasing a single ticket to the desired section (health pools, entertainment pools, sauna world) without having to buy a combined ticket but at the same time getting a wide of services for your money. Each section has its own opening times so you can have a late evening swim, a sauna session or a massage if you like and simply leave behind everyday's stress.


We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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