Bükfürdő - luxury recreation, relaxation and recovery

One of Europe's best-known and most popular and Hungary's second biggest medicinal spas, open-air swimming pools and fun pools, the most modern sauna world and special Medical Wellness Centre await your visit in Bükfürdő offering perfect recreation to every generation. The spa of 14 hectares is a real spa complex with its 32 pools and water surface of over 5200 m2.

The water temperature in the medicinal water pools is 32-38 °C, in the swimming pools 26-28 °C, and small children can splash about in paddling pools constructed especially and exclusively for them. Both slide complexes of the spa offer unforgettable adventures without additional cost. A state-of-the art playground is also available to the children while adults simply wanting to relax are offered spacious relaxation lounges with comfortable complimentary loungers.

Those fond of exercising will find sports grounds (beach volley-ball, beach handball, foot-tennis, badminton, grass-covered reduced-size football ground, beach football, streetball ground, table tennis) and are offered organized sports and entertaining programmes all the year round.


From the summer of 2011 the spa welcomes its visitors with completely new elements. Due to the developments implemented within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan the fun pool area serves your rest and relaxation with spacious lounges, complimentary loungers while a new paddling pool and indoor slide system of three slides were built for the children. After splashing the little ones may enjoy the funny tools of the playroom. Real adventure seekers will be delighted to ride the slides, which starting from indoors twist out to the open air and make the ride even more special and fun with light and colour effects.

A complex sauna world with a capacity of 150 persons was built for the sauna lovers. Tepidarium, steam baths, infra and Finnish saunas, aroma sauna and outdoor extra hot Finnish sauna await the guests looking for relaxation and refreshment. The best places for relaxation after sauna are the indoor sauna rest zone accommodating 100 visitors and the cosy sauna gardens. In addition to the indoor and outdoor dipping pools a Kneipp-pool as well as indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis will help the perfect sauna experience.

For the comfort of our guests an indoor restaurant with front cooking serves up to 200 guests, who may enjoy the culinary specialities and the delicious healthy food without having to leave the spa.

As a new element we offer a Medical Wellness Centre, where wellness-fitness treatments serve preventive health measures under the supervision of excellent medical specialists. In addition to our relaxing and exotic massages, health status monitoring and thermo spa treatments ensure the perfect rest and harmony of our guests.

Due to the new developments the spa has become even more guest-friendly. At the new entrance you can easily choose the part of the spa you wish to visit. The individual facilities - such as the medicinal spa and open-air swimming pool, the adventure bath and the sauna world - can be used separately, which means that you can use the sauna, or the medicinal spa or the adventure bath only and or with the help of combined tickets you are offered a wider range of services at discount prices. The separate parts of the complex have their own opening hours, so you can come to Bükfürdő even late in the evening to relax in the sauna or in the Jacuzzis or just simply leave the stress of your everyday life behind under the beneficial hands of our excellent masseurs.

Please do not forget that the renewed Bük Spa is at your service.

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