Outdoor pool complex

Real relaxation on a warm summer afternoon

To escape the sun, the cool shade of some 500 trees invites you to relax on the 14 hectares of the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa outdoor pool area from spring to autumn. In addition to the pools, the slides, playgrounds and sports fields offer fun and relaxation for all ages.

The shaded park area lined with trees offers indoor, semi-indoor and outdoor pools for swimming. There are several different pools - thermal, sports, family and children's pools - for guests to enjoy.

The outdoor slide park, consisting of four tracks, offers unforgettable experiences for young and old. Parents and children can enjoy the family slide together, the anaconda slide is a long winding slide, the sudden drop kamikaze is a real test of courage, and the onion slide ends in a whirlpool splash.

Relaxing in a hammock under the cool shade of trees on a warm summer afternoon is a real treat: we have set up a hammock park next to the Acapulco family pool with waves and a diving board, which is free of charge for guests of the outdoor pool complex.

For our youngest guests, there are slides, climbing frames, swings and a water playground with special elements to play in when not swimming.

Sports fields (beach volleyball, foot tennis, beach football pitch with small gates, beach handball courts), as well as organised sports and entertainment programmes await sports lovers in Bükfürdő.

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