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Traditional health treatments

Group physiotherapy (aquatherapy)

Underwater physiotherapy, also known as subaqueous physiotherapy, is a treatment that uses the physical properties of water. The buoyancy reduces the load on the joints, allowing them to move in a lightweight position. The flow and swirl of the water cause the stabilising core muscles to work constantly. Exercises against the resistance of the water can be used specifically to increase muscle strength. The treatment is available after a medical examination.

Individual physiotherapy

Put yourself under the guidance of our excellent physiotherapists and take active steps to improve your well-being. For those who feel at their best, we challenge you to perform agility exercises, muscle-strengthening exercises that build your muscular endurance and core muscle condition in a targeted manner. In cases of osteoporosis, physiotherapy helps to rebuild muscle balance through stretching and relaxation techniques, and bone loss can be reduced by loading the spinal column in a vertical direction. Physiotherapy in water improves core stability, respiratory capacity and is an excellent environment for relaxation.


Electrotherapy is the therapeutic use of electrical energy using low and medium-frequency treatments. The following treatments are available on prescription: galvanic current, iontophoresis, interferential current, selective stimulation current, and TENS. These treatments increase blood circulation, relax the muscles and reduce pain.

Medicated compress - antiphlogistine

A poultice of 10 to 12 ingredients which is known to have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and soothing effects. It is applied to the sore body part, covered with foil and then covered with a blanket.

Laser treatment

The treatment uses a low-power laser beam to relieve pain, relax the muscles and reduce inflammation. It stimulates the healing process and strengthens the immune system's defences. No side effects, no pain.


A blend of volcanic mud and paraffin, it adapts well to the shape of the treated body part at 41-42°C and is easy to remove. The treatment is applied to the sore area, covered with a sheet and then a blanket. It is recommended for the after-treatment of chronic inflammation of the spine and limb joints, injuries and post-operative conditions.

Weight bath

This treatment uses the force of gravity on the body to pull the spine and hips underwater. The longitudinal stretching relieves the discs, reduces ligament and muscle tension while also alleviating muscle spasms.

Carbonated bath

This treatment dilates the surface blood vessels, increases peripheral circulation, improves blood distribution in the body and improves heart condition. It is particularly indicated in cases of osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal complaints and for improving fitness.

Underwater water jet massage (tangentor)

This hydrotherapeutic procedure involves massaging the body with a jet of water in a bath of warm water. It is recommended for musculoskeletal disorders, as well as for post-accident and post-operative treatment to increase muscle strength and improve circulation.

Therapeutic ultrasound

The device uses a crystal to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The treatment time depends on the body part being treated, usually between 5 and 9 minutes, and is always determined by the doctor. The ultrasound waves travel at different speeds through different tissues, and this movement generates heat, creating a micro-massage. The blood vessels dilate and circulation increases. Muscles and connective tissue relax. The treatment has an overall pain-relieving effect. The treatment is available after a medical examination.