About the sauna infusions:

The sauna infusion is a 15-minute programme during which the sauna master pours pure water mixed with essential oil onto the hot sauna stove stones. With the help of a towel or sauna fan, they stir up the hot steam in the cabin with spectacular movements. The sauna masters often use music and various creams to accompany the programmes, so that the infusion experience becomes a physical and spiritual rebirth for our guests.

The participation fee for sauna ceremonies is 1 000 HUF. You can sign up at the sauna reception desk at least 15 minutes before the start of the infusion. The sauna ceremony takes place if there is a minimum of 2 participants.

Algae peeling

A session of skin exfoliation and hydration with a high mineral content cream.

Aroma session

During the ceremony, the sauna master creates a harmony of scents in the cabin.

Peach kernel peeling

A skin scrub with the pleasant fragrance of peach and the soft smoothing of its ground seeds.

Brown sugar peeling

The brown sugar gently removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin much softer after the infusion.

Citrus skincare

A citrus essential oil infusion with a shea butter massage cream.

Rosehip skincare

Shea butter cream enriched with rosehip extract is extremely rich in vitamin C and nourishes the skin.

Chocolate skincare

Cocoa butter and chocolate cream to nourish and moisturise during your session.

Chestnut and orange oil skincare

The wild chestnut extract in the cream gently stimulates circulation, while the orange oil has an antibacterial, relaxing and energising effect, also improving blood supply to the skin.

Jasmine vanilla skincare session

Our massage cream enriched with jasmine and vanilla oils will accompany your complete relaxation during the sauna programme. Its high collagen content promotes skin regeneration.

Ice session

Ice-cold shivers in the 85 ºC Finnish sauna. The sauna master cools the mood with ice.

Coffee skincare

Rich in natural active ingredients, coffee boosts cell metabolism and the removal of waste and toxins. It reduces unwanted fat deposits in problem areas (abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips), as well as the symptoms of cellulite and the incorporation of fats into the tissues.

Oriental Enchantment

We create a fabulous oriental atmosphere in the sauna with this pleasantly woody, peppermint-rosemary-scented massage cream, which contains active ingredients such as almond oil and vitamin E.

Honey skincare

Acacia honey is added to the infusion. It has a moisturising and anti-aging effect, leaving the skin silkier and softer at the end of the session.

Olive skincare

We pamper our guests with a highly active ingredient massage cream during our intensive skincare programme.

Salt and oil peeling

Skin pampering infusion with a blend of plant oils enriched with Himalayan salt and essential oils.

Grape cream skincare

Skin nourishing infusion with a cream enriched with grape seed oil.