Sauna Guide

For experienced sauna users, and for those who are just getting acquainted with its culture: we list the most important things to know and give you tips to make sauna bathing not only a pleasant pastime but a real experience.

Saunas are widely known to be beneficial for the entire body. It stimulates circulation, has a detoxifying effect, strengthens the immune system and cleanses the skin. Take sufficient time for the sauna and the subsequent rest, hydration and vitamin supplementation. Don't hurry, no need to rush - give in to total relaxation.

Important information:

  • The sauna area of the spa is a swimsuit-free area.
  • The sauna cabins may only be entered without swimwear, using only towels and sheets. Bath towels are provided for a deposit of 1 600 HUF (to be paid in HUF and in cash). Replacement of the sheet costs 300 HUF.
  • There is no separation between the male and female areas of the sauna, with the exception of the wet rooms.
  • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the sauna area.

The steps of sauna bathing:

  1. Take a shower: remove any dirt from your skin and then towel off, as water on the surface of the body can prevent perspiration and evaporation.
  2. Choose a cabin: in the sauna world of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa®, you have a choice between ten different cabins. Always choose one where you can withstand the temperature. We recommend our infrared cabin or aroma sauna for beginners, and the Finnish forest sauna, steam cabin or 100 °C “Inferno” sauna for experienced sauna enthusiasts.
  3. Take a seat: you should only enter the sauna cabin barefoot, without slippers, any jewellery or glasses. If the sauna has several levels of benches, choose one that suits you best. Temperatures are relatively moderate in the lower seats and can be very hot at the top. In the sauna, a sheet or sauna towel should be placed under the entire body surface in contact with the sauna bench. Make yourself comfortable: lie down or sit and enjoy the sauna steam.
  4. Step out of the cabin: after 10-15 minutes in the sauna, take a shower and then use the plunge pool or ice cabin. After cooling down, always take a break and replenish fluids with still mineral water, fruit juices, and herbal or fruit teas. Before heading back to the sauna cabin, it's worth taking 25 minutes to relax.

What you should avoid completely:

  • Do not consume alcohol while taking a sauna.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire sauna area.
  • Dining in and around the cabins and pools is prohibited.
  • If you are sick, don't go to the sauna: you are not only endangering your own health, but also the health of others.
  • Use this time for meaningful relaxation - switch off your mobile phone. Enjoy the silence and try not to disturb others' relaxation.

Have a great time!