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Body treatments

Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® Wrap with therapeutic massage

A partial massage with the classic Swedish massage techniques, which has a muscle relaxing, circulation stimulating and pain relieving effect. Before the massage, a Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® wrap containing mint and genuine thermal water from Bük is applied to the aching part of the body, followed by a massage with Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® massage cream containing ginger and arnica extracts and original thermal water from Bük.

Hot chocolate body treatment - chocolate peeling and massage

Our organic exfoliation with real cocoa is a real treat for our sweet-toothed guests, Afterwards, the skin is refreshed and left feeling supple and velvety smooth. Its effects are mildly exfoliating, skin firming and anti-ageing. After application, dead skin cells are exfoliated and the skin regains its softness, allowing the valuable active ingredients to be easily absorbed. A wonderful blend of almond, sesame, jojoba, castor and grapeseed oils is used for the massage. It contains no fragrances, additives or preservatives. Deeply absorbed, it is comfortable because it does not leave a sticky film on the skin. It leaves your skin perfectly hydrated and velvety smooth. As it does not contain any fragrance, it can be scented to taste. For this treatment, a cocoa essential oil is added, with an intense scent reminiscent of hot chocolate, which, when inhaled, is reminiscent of a mouthful of delicious sweetness.

Slimming, refreshing coffee peeling and coffee oil massage

The new enzymatic Coffee peel used for this treatment has refreshing, stimulating and anti-ageing effects. After application, dead skin cells disappear and the skin regains its softness, allowing the valuable active ingredients to be easily absorbed. The Adventure oil composition used for the massage firms the skin, and the circulation-enhancing effect helps to remove waste products, fat and excess fluids deposited in the connective tissue of the skin. Fat-busting, refreshing and invigorating with a stimulating coffee fragrance. We recommend its use for cellulite massage, refreshing massage and skin-firming or skin-toning body massage.

Detoxifying, stress relieving beer peeling with massage

The beer treatment is rich in B vitamins, essential trace elements and minerals, and is also a powerful metabolism booster, making it ideal for the whole body. The effects of the active ingredients can be felt the next day. Ideal for digestion and the heart, it reduces the risk of a heart attack, and has a calming and detoxifying effect, stimulating the cleansing of the whole body. It is an excellent stress reliever and is highly recommended for people suffering from sleep disorders. The sweet almond massage oil used in the treatment soothes, revitalises and moisturises the skin. After use, the skin regains its silky softness and velvety smoothness.

Horse chestnut foot wrap

Made from pure horse chestnut, this wrap strengthens capillaries and spider veins and is also useful against fluid retention in connective tissues. This treatment is excellent for fading spider veins, for pregnant women with swollen feet as well for active athletes for the treatment of painful leg cramps. It is highly recommended for post-injury and post-operative recovery and for anyone who exerts a lot of effort on their feet or does a lot of standing or sedentary work. The joint balm made from goat's butter, used for foot massages, immediately relieves tired feet thanks to its refreshing, pain-relieving active ingredients (menthol, camphor), while nourishing, moisturising and caring for dry skin with precious vitamins.