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Bamboo massage

A muscle-toning massage that works the deeper muscles. The treatment is performed with specially prepared bamboo sticks of various sizes. The soft grips, the bamboo sticks and the massage oil used during the massage reduce tension, free the breath, stimulate circulation and increase muscle flexibility. It is also recommended for women for toning and for men (athletes) to increase muscle performance and relaxation.

Dry brush massage

Dry brushing is an old Ayurvedic method. As it is not a traditional massage technique, it does not primarily stimulate the muscles but contributes to the renewal of the skin. The massage is performed using special brushes to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It improves oxygenation and blood flow to the skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, increases circulation and improves metabolism, making the skin softer and more elastic. After the treatment, the active ingredients of the creams and oils are more readily absorbed, making them effective for women with cellulite or for its prevention, and they are also excellent stress relievers. The treatment concludes with rubbing a soothing massage cream or massage oil over the body. This type of massage is not suitable for varicose veins or skin prone to capillaries.

Face-head-shoulder massage

The treatment starts with a refreshing massage on the nape of the neck, the neck and upper back, followed by a massage of the entire face, forehead, nose, eyes and around the ears. The combined treatment of the two areas helps to release muscle tension across the body.

Aromatherapy massage

Pamper your body and soul with skincare oils containing natural plant oils and special essences. The oil composition used during the massages is a blend of precious moisturising oils with almond, sesame, jojoba, castor and grapeseed oils. If you are looking for a refreshing experience, add lemon or lime essence, or orange essence if you'd rather relax. This treatment not only relaxes the body perfectly but also provides a real sensual experience.

Ayurvedic massage

The massage is performed with warmed essential oils, herbal wraps made from the grounds of five herbs, and hand massage. The treatment is done with loose, gentle movements, thereby relaxing muscle tension, reducing pain and increasing circulation. The gentle movements are also excellent for lymphatic circulation.

Refreshing massage with goat's butter

Our premium PURE cream is rich in vitamins A, B, C and D and contains precious goat's butter, jojoba oil and sunflower oil. As it is free from paraffin, parabens, PEGs (polyethylene glycol) and even colourants and fragrances, it is the perfect choice for extra sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Its other active ingredients, urea pura and panthenol regenerate and moisturise skin, ensuring that it maintains the right level of hydration. This treatment hydrates, elasticises, firms and nourishes the skin with precious antioxidant vitamins.

Refreshing foot massage

A type of massage to refresh tired feet: a pleasantly refreshing massage of the soles and feet.

Refreshing body and foot massage

An invigorating, vitalizing body and foot massage. Improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin and loosens up stiff muscles. In addition to the neck, back and shoulders, the massage covers the entire foot and leg area, giving tired feet a pleasant, refreshing sensation.

Therapeutic massage

A partial massage with Swedish massage techniques, applied as a course of treatment to relax the sore and aching area. It improves skin elasticity, relieves muscle fatigue, eliminates permanent muscle tightness, reduces the general feeling of fatigue and provides a sense of well-being. The treatment is performed using our proprietary Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® massage cream containing the special thermal water from Bük.

Hot stone massage

The treatment is based on a special massage technique, whereby the massage is made even more effective by a hand massage with volcanic stones polished smooth and heated to 50-60 °C in water. The treatment improves blood and lymph circulation, warms the body, relaxes muscles, relieves stress and detoxifies.

Lymphatic drainage massage

This treatment involves gentle manual manipulation of the connective tissue to promote lymph circulation without increasing lymph production. Lymphatic massages are recommended for oedemas and after surgeries.

Regenerating massage with almond oil

The natural active ingredients of sweet almond oil soothe skin irritations and provide excellent hydration and regeneration. The massage is physically, mentally and spiritually refreshing, energising and revitalising, and is highly recommended for those who want an hour of pampering relaxation.

Foot reflexology massage

A method of alternative medicine in which the reflex points on the sole of the foot are massaged using a special massage technique. It initiates the body's self-healing processes, normalises its energy balance, relieves stress and tension, optimises blood supply and the nervous system, improves blood circulation and the elimination of waste products.

Wellness-sports and refreshing foot massage

During the massage, we use Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® massage cream containing ginger and arnica extracts with original thermal water from Bük. This popular massage is performed with intense, dynamic, firm movements, which refreshes muscles tired from work and sport and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being. During the whole body treatment, special attention is paid to the feet and legs.

Vitalizing massage

This massage has an invigorating and vitalising effect, tones, increases flexibility and loosens up stiff muscles. It is recommended for people suffering from constant neck, shoulder and back pain due to sedentary work and for those who want to relax. At the end of the treatment, the muscles are stretched and relaxed with special techniques.

Wellness-sports massage

A powerful massage with a firm technique to refresh tired backs and stiff muscles. This type of massage, performed at a more intense pace, is excellent for relieving muscle aches and pains caused by poor posture. The effects are felt immediately after the massage, refreshing the muscles and leaving the body feeling well.